Our Business

We take you places:

If you have been working too long without any break for a span of few months or stuck to your static desk job for infinite hours each day for God knows how long, we invite you to join us as we take a trip down interesting places of the world.

Care to join?

We are traditionally known for our tourist packages with a twist. We do not endorse the “boring”. We love adventure, we love fun and we love people having fun with us!

So what’s the wait?

We have packages throughout the year and we have overlapping packages that will allow you to see many places back to back in the same trip.

Trust us to look after you well:

When you enroll with us on a package, all you need to do is prepare yourself well and leave rest on us. Your stay, food and visa is all taken care of us with the help of our brilliant associates. You just need to pack your clothes and say bye-bye to your friends!

We are also into corporate holidaying:

You feel your business associates need some pepping? Or you want them to get the adrenaline going as part of their bonus package? You are cordially invited to have as much fun as you can.

Fun, frolic and adventure:

You ask for a holiday and we have it. Family quite holidays by a sea side, tick, corporate adventure holiday rafting by the rapids, tick. Senior citizen who will love to cool their heels at a well served resort, tick!

We even specialize in school trips:

Contact us for school educational trips and also trips to amusement parks. We have been linked with eighty percent of the public schools who believe that safety of the child is paramount when the child leaves the precincts of the school’s compounds. We understand that very well and comply, if our impeccable track record is anything to go by!

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