Architecture and the career prospects

Architecture as a career choice is very promising. Today especially when the world is in need of planned housing and also the bigger need to...

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Architecture and the career prospects

“If I were not an Architect, then I would be a writer” so said the famous architect Kahn.

Kahn, a professor emeritus at the Princeton college university believes that an architect must be articulate enough to be able to communicate through his drawing and sketches. It is okay if the architect is word challenged but he must of all things be good.

Architecture and the career prospects:

Architecture as a career choice is very promising. Today especially when the world is in need of planned housing and also the bigger need to have eco friendly housing and to be able to stash away all harmful building materials, it has become a very attractive proposition to become an architect.

The qualities required for an architect:

Look around and you are sure to find impressive buildings and breath taking sky scrapers. Who do you think has made it all possible? An architect is someone who ideates and then puts his idea on paper for building a beautiful building for the inmates to live in and cherish their friendship.

Here is a list of the ten qualities that is essentially required in an architect to be the most successful among his fraternity:

  1. Owner of good communication skills;
  2. Good listener;
  3. Good drawing skills is a must;
  4. Must have good sense of aesthetics and design;
  5. Must have very good technical knowledge and ability;
  6. Must be able to identify the problem and stand up to solve problems as soon as they arise;
  7. Must have business acumen
  8. Must believe in and give hearty support to other members in the tem
  9. Must be able to translate a sketch and visualize the image of the building.

Here are some of the funny but strange facts relating to architecture, ancient and modern. The strangest fact is also the truth. So sit back and be amused!

  • The Inca tribe of south America were extremely superstitious about their bridges. They would kill any person who was believed to be a threat to the bridge or who wantonly damaged the bridges.

    The bridges itself were venerated as gods because it helped them pass dangerous gorges and wild forests and waterfalls. There was no mercy in their culture for a person who fidgets with a bridge!

  • In the 17th century in Peru, South America, a bridge was proposed to be made. That bridge used the egg whites of ten thousand eggs as a binding substance between mortar and cement. Surprisingly the bridge stands even today as a testimony of its strength. The bridge is also called as “the bridge of eggs”.
  • The world’s biggest column rises 128 feet from the floor level of the ground. The column is entirely made in bronze and it has sculptures on it depicting all kinds of life forms. It also has military equipments of the time of the roman era depicted on it.

Legend has it that the column was built to commemorate the victory of Trajan, a celebrated roman emperor over the warring tribes of the river Danube.

Eventually, after his death, Trajan’s ashes have been believed to have been sprayed over the column.

  • The Empire State Building which is regarded to be the most iconic building in America is built with exactly ten million bricks, not even one more and not even one less!
  • Japanese houses in the countryside are called rice skin houses. The reason is when the Japanese farmers have separated the oft rice from the husk they mix this husk with a liquid binder and then carve out bricks from it. The bricks are then used to make the houses and the grain houses to store their produce. Amazingly, the houses are sturdy even n storms and are extremely environment friendly too.
  • Speaking of houses, do you know how Nepali’s make theirs? Cow dung is mixed with sand and clay to form uneven bricks which are piled on top of another. The bricks do not even need cementing, the natural products in it binds with each other and stay strong.
  • The US Pentagon may look huge but it takes a person only less than ten minutes to walk around it.

This one is for non violence:

Records say that in Japanese peasant king, Hackleyshi’s period, it was ordered to collect the swords of the nation and then the swords were melted in a giant furnace and the metal was used to carve a statue of Buddha. Sometime later, a powerful earthquake razed the entire statue leaving absolutely no traces of it even for the sake of the records.

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